Tomáš Mahring

Age: 32

Residence: Prague

Summer base: Sjoa river, Heidal, Norway

What is the best experience you have done?

Six days expedition to Zambezi river, huge rapids with warm water and crocodiles in the eddies, definitely one of my favorite expeditions.

Why should you go on a rafting expedition?

I love overnight trips. Because you have time to focus only to the river, nature, and friends around you and you don't have to deal with phones, emails, social media and with this crazy world 🙂

Favorite food?

Definitely Argentine Asado (super-slowly grilled beef).


  • White water rescue technician - WRT III (Rescue 3)

  • International license of white water guide and rescuer (150 hrs)

  • First Aid certificate (40hrs)

  • White water rafting guide license accredited by Czech Ministry of Education

  • License of white water guide, kayak instructor and rescuer

What are your past expeditions?

kayak trips to New Zealand 2009, 2010, 2011 (12 months overall)
Franklin river expedition - Tasmania (Australia) 2011
Grand Canyon Colorado - USA 2013
Zambezi 6 days expedition - Zimbabwe 2014
1 rafting season in Whistler (Cheakamus and Elaho river) - Canada 2016
1 rafting season on Mendoza river - Argentina 2016/2017
Futaleufu river kayaking - Chile 2017
10 rafting seasons (head guide) on Sjoa river - Norway 2007 - 2018
Tamur river expedition - Nepal 2018