Matej Zapletal

Age: 47

Residence: Praha

Former white water competitor and Czech national team member in Downriver racing. Matt has been a rafting guide since 1994 and led expeditions in Europe, North, Central and South
America, Africa, and Australia.

Matej actively participates in the IRF (International Rafting Federation) and he is a co-author of rules for professional rafting guides examinations.

Matt is the founder of Rafting-expeditions and the author of most of the expedition itineraries. Also he is  the owner of an outdoor travel agency in the Czech Republic and co-owner of rafting
companies in Austria and Slovenia.

Tell us about yourself..

I am getting older and fatter, but still, I am in good shape! I love the mountains. All kinds of skiing – from cross-country up to high mountain free riding, mountain biking/hiking/running and, of course, paddling and what more - he is a beekeeper.

Why should you go on a rafting expedition?

The people, the nature, the adrenaline and a complete break from your every-day life. 

What are your past expeditions?

  • Zambezi
  • Kunene
  • Tamur
  • Karnali
  • Colorado River
  • Australia
  • Kazachstan
  • Turkey