Matěj Sottner

Age: 32

Residence: Bovec, Slovenia

What is the best expedition you have done?

Spent 10 days downriver rafting in Grand Canyon, Colorado. I definitely suggest that one to everyone!

What do you enjoy the most about an expedition?

The fact, that you escape the civilization, turn off your phone and you are alone with your friends and the river for many days.

Favourite food?

Meat, heaps of meat, and vegetables.


IRF Guide - Grade 4
Slovenian federation kayak instructor
Slovenian rafting association Guide
Czech canyoning association Instructor
Slovenian canyoning association Instructor
Whitewater rescue certificate from the Ministry of Defense of Slovenia

Past expeditions

2010 - Six weeks kayak trip to Nepal
2011 - Half a year in New Zeland, kayaking on Clarence, Hurunui, Landsborough
2013 - Rafting on Karnali, Nepal and 3 weeks of solo kayaking
2015 - Grand Canyon, Colorado on a rowing raft
2015 - Two raft trips to the Zambezi
2016 - Rafting Karnali, Nepal