Galápagos islands - equator paradise


Experience unique volcanic island group with rich fauna and flora. Galápagos are known for the immense number of endemic species. Observe iguana, Galápagos tortoise, sea lion and others. Swim and snorkel in turquoise ocean.


15th day Flight from Quito to Galápagos. Once on archipelago, our journey starts with hiking and sightseeing. Accommodation in Puerto Ayora.

16th to 17th day We'll cruise on a motorboat to the islands and islets, walk on lava fields, into cactus forests... Follow the steps of Charles Darwin who spent a long time studying Galápagos' unrivalled flora and fauna like: Northern Gannet, Frigatebird, Flamingo, Cormorant, lizards, Giant tortoise, Marine and Land iguana, Sea Lion and many more. Swimming and snorkeling is a must. Accommodation in Puerto Ayora.

18th day Hiking and sightseeing. Flight back to Quito.

This program is subsequent to Rafting and trekking in Ecuador and is not offered separately.



2 days - 29th January to 1st February 2020


910 EUR/person


Airfare Quito-Galápagos-Quito, breakfasts, 2 lunches on the boat, entrance fee to Galápagos (about 100 USD), 3 nights of accommodation, 2 days of motorboat cruising.


Food not mentioned higher, beverage.


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