Ondra Zeman

Age: 22

Residence: Prague

Summer base: Isel river, Lienz, Austria

Favourite food?

"Whenever I have a choice I usually prefer pasta with any kind of sauce. So if you want to cheer me up, spaghetti bolognese will do the job! Also, coffee pairs well with everything."

Why should you go on a rafting expedition?

"Getting the chance to have a break from the everyday hustle, meeting interesting people from all around the world and conquering the pure power of the water element is just a scratch of what goes on on these trips!"

What are some of your past expeditions?

"I am well oriented around Norway, as I kayaked and rafted there for 2 months in summer 2017. Also, I kayaked and solo kayaked in countries like Spain, France, Austria and more.


  • IRF Trip Leader - Grade 4
  • First Aid certificate (40hrs)
  • Ski & Snb Instructor certificate
  • Whitewater & canoe instructor